Our Story

Mosaic Church began as a dream in the hearts of John & Keeya Vawar even before they met in the Summer of 2001. While both John and Keeya had separate visions for  multicultural ministries that would transform and enrich the lives of many, neither dreamed of the moment their lives, backgrounds and experiences would converge to provide the perfect context for cross-cultural impact and influence.

After thirteen years of marriage, three adorable children, and countless nights of "waiting" in the presence of God, John and Keeya finally felt the release in the Spring of 2015 to plant a life-giving church in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. To date, John and Keeya have enlisted the help of several key leaders to take the journey with them in what has been named, Mosaic Church. Together with their team of dedicated servant-leaders, supporters and friends, John and Keeya are at the forefront of mobilizing resources and startegizing toward a Fall 2016 launch.

We invite you to join our dynamic Launch Team and be a part of the transformation that is coming to the North Fort Worth, Keller and Alliance area. 

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